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Year 6 Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning page.

 Our classes:

Corncrakes                                                     Lapwings

Mr Frost                                                           Ms McConalogue

January 2021 - Please find below the Home Learning tasks for Year 6. We would expect one maths, English, Reading Masters and 'other' activity to be completed each day. We will update the learning regularly.

Work can be submitted to your child's Classroom Dojo page for your teacher to review.

If you have missed any previous learning, please find it on the tabs at the bottom of this page.


View document home_learning/year_6/topic/i_have_a_dream/timetable_for_next_week_wb_18_1_21_2.pdf




Decimals Unit: 

Please visit the White Rose website for the tutorial video:



Then complete the corresponding set of questions for each lesson. Please complete the work in order as the lessons build on from one another.







Narrative - Biography Unit - 3 weeks

Please click the link below to download the lessons for this unit. Completed work can be uploaded onto the ClassDojo portfolio page. 


Biography Unit Week 1 Harriet Tubman Rosa Parks




Reading Masters - Nelson Mandela Diary Entry

Please click the link below to access the text and questions for this week. I will also include a model answer sheet for this week.

Day 1 - Text marking - Read the text carefully. Then circle unknown vocabulary, underline key information (who, what, when, where, how/why), summarize each paragraph (box up) and question anything you are unclear about. Work out the RAFT (Reason, Audience, Format, Tone).

Day 2 - Retrieval  - Find and record information straight from the text.

Day 3 - Vocabulary- Find and explain the meaning of words in context

Day 4 - Thinking Caps - Inference - Work out information from the text, using evidence to support your ideas.

Day 5 - Update your home reading log (If you have misplaced yours, you can create your own).


Diary Entry Questions Answers



Please click the link below to access a sequence of English Grammar lessons.

 Sentences 2


Spelling Bee

 You can choose which days you complete these activities.

Activity 1:

Look at the ‘ough’ words and say them aloud. What do you notice? Organise the words into a table according to the way they sound:

'or' sound 'ow' sound 'o' sound 'uff' sound 'u' sound 'off' sound



Activity 2:

Look at the ‘ough’ spelling words again. Write a definition for each word (remember not to use the word itself in your definition). If you are not sure what a word means, use a dictionary (or dictionary website such as: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/ ) to find the definition.

Activity 3: (Spelling and handwriting)

Look at the ‘ough’ spelling words again. Pick 6 of the words and write 6 sentences including those words, used correctly. Extra points for interesting sentences. Remember neat handwriting, correct spelling and punctuation.

View document year_6/year_6_spelling_bee_spring_1.pdf

Topic - I Have a Dream




Anti-Semitism History Lesson


Newspaper Template


Black Lives Matter History and Art Lesson





Here are some other topic activity ideas you might like to try:

Geography - Research and write a report on South Africa. Art - Find out about the artist, Esther Mahlangu. Produce a piece of artwork in her style. Music - Learn about the history of the song, 'Swing low, sweet chariot.' Try learning the song!

History - Find out about the life of one of these historical figures and write a biography about them:

Nelson Mandela; Rosa Parks; Martin Luther King Jnr., Harriet Tubman; Malcolm X.

Science - Follow this link to learn about Life Cycles.Life Cycles

Create your Dream World.

You might want to think about:

-What it looks like?

-What is it like to live there?

-What are the rules?

You can show your work in any way you like!

Alternative Home Learning Activities


Draw With Rob:

This week complete the following Draw With Rob - Please then send it in via Class Dojo



RE - What kind of king was Jesus? 

     Week 1 w/b 5/1/21 week 2 11.01.21

  List 5 ways the world could be made a better place, who could do this and how you could  help. 

  Create a comparison list of what qualities a king would have and what Jesus had.


week 3 w/b 18/1/21

This week  we are thinking about the Lords Prayer : Use this link


complete one of these activities

1,  rewrite the Lords prayer in language a Year 1 could understand, 2, thinking about the line 'on earth as it is in heaven, list 10 things on Earth that you would not find in heaven.



 This term we will be creating games. This button will take you to the Oak Academy website for a series of lessons about making games

Variables in games

Alternatively, you could try making a game on Scratch (This is what we will be using in class). You will need to get your parent's permission to create a login. They have lots of guides to help you get started.


Previous Learning

PDF packs of main activities from each week:

wb: 04.01.21 wb: 11.01.21