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Year 5 Home Learning

Here is a suggested timetable for home learning; it is okay to switch days around to suit, but the number of lessons/tasks need to be completed the best you can.









Reading masters


Spelling bee



Times tables practice



Spelling bee



Times table practice



Read own book

Spelling bee

Outdoor activity/PE



Please ensure that you send your child's work to your teacher over dojo so that it can be logged on the home learning record. Home learning isn't optional, it is a requirement by Ofsted, so please do the best you can! 



We will be writing a non-chronological report about the Navajo tribe, which is one of the largest tribes in North America. There are four tasks for this week to get us started.

 Non-chronological report 11.1.21 - 22.1.21 Spelling bee - Spring 1



Reading masters 11.1.21 - 14.1.21 Reading masters 18.1.21 - 21.1.21


In Spring 1, we will be starting with multiplication and division. Click the button to download the worksheets and answers. Please watch the video before starting the worksheet as this will teach the methods needed.

   Video Teaching Links Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Answers-Multiplication and Division Tackling tables sheets

Once you have completed the whole of the Multiplication and Division unit, please complete the Unit test.

Multiplication and Division Test

Multiplication and Division Test Answers


Before the holidays, we researched the production of cotton. Here are 6 science lessons to complete, one per week.

Raw and synthetic materials

Topic - The Wonders of America (North America)


History/Geography/Music/Art/Dance Tasks 

Art PowerPoint Task 1: Powerpoint. Climate and biomes.


RE- What did Jesus do to save human beings?

I would like to find information about Jesus, what he did, stories that were told about him.We need information about Jesus to build a picture of what kind of person he was. Do not focus on his birth or death. 

you can present this as a mind map, story board or write up a key event. for example, calming the storm, feeding the 5000


 Previous weeks learning:

Non-chronological reports 5.1.21 -8.1.21 Reading masters text 5.1.21 - 8.1.21 Werewolves questions 5.1.21