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Special Educational Needs

At Swaffham Junior CE Academy we believe in quality learning opportunities for all.  We strive to ensure that every child meet their potential academically and socially, regardless of their needs and that no child is treated less favourably because of any additional needs.

This page will provide you with information about how we support pupils with Special Educational Needs at Swaffham Junior Academy. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your child's needs, please contact our SENDCo, Mrs McCaghrey, via the School office.


There are four broad areas of Special Educational Needs which we identify in school as defined in the SEND Code of Practice (2015).  We acknowledge that children’s needs may fall into more than one category.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Cognition and Learning



Physical and/or Sensory

Communication and Interaction




Our SEN Information Report and Policy provide information on how we support children with SEN at Swaffham Junior Academy.  We have also included a link to Norfolk's Local Offer which provides information and resources surrounding supporting learners with Special Educational Needs.

SJA SEN Information Report           SJA SEN Policy                   Norfolk's Local Offer


We provide both in class support and out of class intervention for pupils who require extra support with their behaviour, emotional wellbeing or learning.

All staff provide first class teaching and differentiate work and classroom environments to best suit the needs of their pupils. We aim to keep up to date with current SEN knowledge and best practice through INSET and training for all staff.


Interventions include: 

Precision Teaching: English and maths

Key skills work involves learning 

in a variety of ways.

These twice or thrice weekly sessions are tailored around individual need, but focus on building fluency and confidence. They involve fast reading and spelling of High Frequency Words and mental maths knowledge such as number bonds and addition/subtraction facts.  



This programme is beneficial for children who struggle to retain information which they have learned.  The programme consists of a range of activities which build children's  short term memory and processing skills.


Emotional and Social Support

These programmes are tailored to individual need, but may involve small group work around dealing with anger, forming positive relationships and regulating emotions.  


Lego Therapy

This group is for children who find it difficult to understand and recognise emotions or appropriate responses in social situations. Through collaborative activities children also build social confidence and self-esteem. This programme is beneficial for pupils who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder.


Fine Motor Skills

These sessions help children to develop their fine motor skills.  Alongside more traditional handwriting skills we also take part in a range of fun activities to help pupils develop their skills.  These include cutting, pinching and squeezing skills, tying and threading games.  Developing fine motor skills enables pupils to write and draw more fluently and reduces fatigue.


Butterflies Nurture Group

In the afternoon we run a small structured teaching group for those children who experience difficulties socially and emotionally. This group provides opportunities for children to explore and overcome the barriers they face to learning in a creative way.

Please click on our Butterfly to find out more!  


Follow this link to access some useful websites aimed at supporting children with Special Educational Needs.


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