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Please see below for each year group's learning for Religious Education and their home learning activities.

Year 3

The new topic will be focusing on Islam, and the key question ' What does it mean to be a Muslim?'. Below is a list of tasks to help you build an understanding of this subject and key question.

  • Who are the important figures in Islam? Find a few facts about these people and record them how you wish.
  • Find out a few facts about the Five Pillars of Islam: Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj
  • Currently Muslims are observing Ramadan. Find out 5 things that happen during this time.


There are some useful resources on Twinkl and BBC bitesize you could use to help you. 






Year 4 

Our new topic will be ' What is it like to follow God'.  Read the story of Noah,  then over the next few weeks,  find other stories in the Bible, (especially  in the Old Testament),  about people who  followed God. Draw pictures, comic strips, paintings to help tell these stories. 


Year 5

Our new topic will focus on Sikhism, find out all you can about this religion. You could record this information in any way you wish. 

While you are not at school you could also create your own gratitude journal, each day record 3 things that you are grateful for. You could also record how you feel about each day.

The 5 Ks - what are these and how do they help Sikhs focus on their religion. Twinkl and BBC bitesize have some good resources which can help you.


Year 6

Religion in the Community

  1. Research places of worship in Swaffham. (This was set before the Easter break.)
  2. Find out what the churches in and around Swaffham are doing to support the community at this time.
  3. Are there any other groups supporting our town? Who are they? What are they doing?