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School Council                

The Pupil’s Voice.

As members of the School Council we are ambassadors for our classes and our school. We meet every week to discuss pupil’s views, ideas and concerns on how we can improve our school. We also work hard to raise money for the school and chosen charities. Fund raising events are always popular and fun for the whole school.

To become a school councillor you have to give a short presentation or speech to your class on reasons why you would be the best person to represent them. Your class mates then vote and chose two members from each class to represent them at meetings. This would happen within the first two weeks of the first term of the academic year.

The chairperson, secretary and treasurer are chosen by the councillors using a secret ballot at the first meeting of each term. This gives more councillors a chance to be officers.

The chairperson is responsible to keep order in the meetings, to have a deciding vote on issues that have a split vote and to read the agenda and items from class suggestion boxes.

The secretary is responsible for writing the minutes and any letters. The treasurer keeps a record of all money raised and spent by the council.

 School councillors should attend all meetings and be the voice of their class. They must ensure that time is given for them to read the minutes of each meeting to their class and ensure that issues and ideas are discussed. They should ensure that a suggestion box is in their class for pupil’s to put their written ideas, views and concerns into and also be approachable for class mates to come and talk to them about school issues.

We have a Council notice board where the minutes of each meeting are posted, plus you will find photos of all councillors on the board. Each councillor has a special Council badge to wear so they can be recognised.