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We are passionate about ensuring our children achieve their very best potential. To do this, they need to be at school every day and on time. How do we do this?

  • We work hard to build up positive relationships with children and families.
  • Support can be provided for social, emotional and well being issues for both pupils and their families.
  • Behavioural issues are addressed firmly, fairly and consistently.
  • Rewards for great attendance include certificates, extra playtime and parties.


What if something goes wrong?

Attendance of all pupils is regularly monitored and if problems arise, action is taken:

  • Informal meetings are held where problems with attendance are discussed. 
  • Letters are sent requesting medical evidence for the absence of pupils whose attendance drops below 92%. 
  • Attendance meetings are held where we work with families to write a plan to improve attendance when it drops below 90% (or sooner when possible).
  • If attendance does not improve, meetings become formal and we look to follow the 'Fast Track to Attendance' procedures. More information can be found here in the Norfolk Fast Track Information Leaflet.


Fixed Penalty Notices 

Fixed Penalty Notices (an initial fine of £60 per parent, per child to be paid within 21 days) will be issued by the Local Authority if there is a concern over attendance that fall within the following categories (from September 2017):

  • 10 consecutive sessions of unauthorised absence where some or all of the absence may be attributed to an unauthorised holiday in term-time; or
  • 15% unauthorised absence over a period of 6 school weeks for reasons other than unauthorised term time holiday.

Please follow this link to read the Fixed Penalty Notice Information from Norfolk County Council: Legal Intervention Information


Holiday in Term Time 

We cannot authorise holiday in term time.

If you would like to request an absence for your child(ren) for other exceptional reasons, please read our Attendance Policy (below), and print and complete the Leave of Absence request form that is in the appendices and send it into school. Hard copies are also available from our school office: please pop in or call and ask for one to be sent home.

A copy of Swaffham Junior Academy's Attendance Policy for 2018-19 can be found here.